Frequently Asked Questions

The most common pitfalls in your resume range from structure to content. Resumes have only 6 seconds to impress.  A wrong structure will make it much harder for the reader to pick the most important information within that limited time. Grammar issues create communication barriers.

You’ve probably heard that “Your Resume needs to beat the Bots”! Applicant Tracking Systems are software employed by organizations to help with the hiring process. They are used to select candidates based on desirable criteria before even a human eye interacts with their resumes. All jobs applied online are usually subject to ATS. There are hundreds of ATS, each working differently. Modern resumes are made with this on mind. A resume that fall short of ATS requirements attracts regrets after regrets.

Schedule a call with us by either booking an appointment here through filling the form and clicking on ‘Schedule an Appointment’ on our home page. Alternatively get in touch directly via phone on +254792310776 or email at

We’ve got you covered! We do deliver in 24 hours for urgent services. However, this request must have been made at least 10 hours before they are due. Similarly, upfront payment is a must which will be higher than regular rates.

We have served over 3K clients spread across 15 countries on 5 continents with success rates of over 95 percent. Our writers have experience writing for entry-levels to senior level executives across multiple industries. We specialize in writing career documents for over 15 industries.

A great question! You cannot treat yourself when you get ill, or at least not everyone is a physician! Certified Resume Writers are trained in resume best practices and are skilled in crafting all career documents in a data-driven and compelling manner. An expertly written document will comply with ATS and has over 98 per cent chances to land you interviews. Resume Writers are experienced in highlighting your most important achievements succinctly and in a manner that commands the recruiter’s attention. You do not want to miss out on this!

Once you get in touch and we have a quote to a customized product for you, you will be required to make 100% upfront payment that is non-refundable. You will also be required to avail every necessary material/information required to facilitate either resume services or coaching services. For resume services, first drafts will be made available between 3 – 4 working days and projects completed as soon as we’ve reviewed drafts as per your feedback. The entire writing phase takes a maximum of 8 working days, and it is up to the client to provide feedback within the time frame. After 8 days, without prior notice from a client, projects will be closed and services stopped. Notwithstanding, terms may vary slightly from package to package.

We have enough and qualified writers and as demand grows, we do staffing accordingly. You therefore have the guarantee that the output quality is consistent and top of the range. We dedicate to continually provide personalized CV and Resume writing services tailored to your unique career needs.